Newborn and Maternity

baby; Couple; Family; girl; bc; belly; Couple; dad; Dog; famil; mom
Couple; dad; Dog; family; january; kiss; maternity; mom; portrait; professional
baby; cute; Dog; girl; kiss; mom; newborn
baby; girl; mom; newborn
baby; Couple; Family; girl; mom; newborn

I'm really glad we had these pictures taken.  Almost right after I gave birth, I was already nostalgic about the experience of being pregnant, and feeling so special and beautiful.  I didn't expect it would be such a struggle to remember how it felt when the baby was kicking, and how still and empty it would feel with the baby out!  Also, even though I was doubtful about having a photo shoot with Bell so soon after birth, I realize now how important that was.... she has grown so fast, I can already barely remember how tiny she used to be!  It's lovely to have this precious time so beautifully photographed.

Thanks again!

Athena, Wayne, & Annabell Everett