Newborn Photography

Ten little fingers and a sweet little nose, everything’s cute from the eyes to the toes!

Whether you’re a new parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt, everyone loves to bombard co-workers, friends, neighbours and that nice barista at Starbucks with pictures of your new bundle of joy! And, if you don’t have the time to show off all 10,000 photographs you carry around with you, you’ll definitely want a few that highlight your new baby looking the absolute cutest/sweetest/softest/most adorable!

While you might not think your baby will cry and scream as we try to get these images, our newborn photographer at Tadpoles Gallery, Melanie will prove you wrong! Her  expert combination of lighting, patience and timing, along with a maternal instinct (from personal experience) come together to create an enjoyable experience and some fantastic creative images of your adorable child.

Creating heirloom images you will continue to show off, even when the next generation comes around.

let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains
studio Newborn
Newborn with Ellen Addison painting
newborn album
Newborn Photography Victoria
Newborn; baby photographey; tadpoles gallery; professional child Photography
Newborn; baby photographey; tadpoles gallery; professional child Photography
professional newborn photography victoria
newborn on bookshelf
Newborn photography
baby Soccer fan
mommy kisses
newborn announcement
newborn feet
baby, guitar, drumsticks
Studio baby Photography
newborn with dogs in studio
Custom newborn album
Newborn photography
adorable newborn
Christmas Decorations
Custom designed Birth Announcements; folded


"I'm really glad we had these pictures taken.  Almost right after I gave birth, I was already nostalgic about the experience of being pregnant, and feeling so special and beautiful.  I didn't expect it would be such a struggle to remember how it felt when the baby was kicking, and more »"
Athena, Wayne, & Annabell Everett