Professional Family Photographer


Melanie Seal-Jones

Full time Professional Photographer, Storyteller, Wife, Mother, Artist, Friend, Sister, Daughter, Goof, Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduate (First Class Honours), and Ridiculously Positive Person.

I think Chocolate is a vegetable, and that you should have some every day… its made from a bean so that = vegetable. I

love my daughter and husband so much, I feel like I'm going to burst when I look at them. I fall in love with my clients, and have this horrible habit of treating everyone like they are my best friend. I'm a creative speller, I laugh too loud, and I talk too fast. I'm known for noticing every detail, and thinking of everything.

I started photographing professionally in 2002, a funny thing started to happen. Clients got pregnant and would call me up asking if I did maternity photography. Exclaiming that they where huge, waddling and I was the only one that could make them look good. How can you say no to that!

I have to admit I can relate. I gained 45 pounds when I was pregnant (2008), I'm normally 110 and I'm only 5'3 so that's almost another half of me! I waddled and strangers would gasp when I turned around and they saw this torpedo belly! Nurses asked me if I was going in to labour soon when I was 5 months and everyone was convinced I was having twins. My wonderful husband took images of me that made me look like I gained 200 pounds.

SO I understand! Pregnancy really changed how I photographed mothers. I love showing moms how beautiful they look pregnant, showing them that cute pregnant lady everyone else sees.

I will never forget seeing my daughter (Taylor) for the first time, or the tears streaming down my husbands face when he held her for the first time. I'm so grateful to have beautiful images of each fantastic stage of Taylors' life. To have those moments frozen to look back on. 

Taylor is now 3 and each year she teaches me more and my photography evolves because of it. The classes I take every year help but nothing can teach you like a family. I'm so grateful to get to do what I love. To be passionate about my profession and have such wonderful clients.

I love it when I can capture people's spirit and personality in the images. A childs funny faces, cute looks, the all out belly laugh. When I can show a woman how beautiful she looks, and how her husband sees her- Perfect and Stunning. I think everyone is beautiful, and my magic camera will show you what I see - natural perfection!

Thank you to my wonderful husband Haydn who supports me and still leaves me love notes, and to my daughter who gives the best hugs. Thank you to all my clients that keep coming back and also for bringing all your friends. With out you I could not follow my dreams, and you allow me to donate my skills to photograph families that could not afford food, never mind professional photographs.



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"I'm really glad we had these pictures taken.  Almost right after I gave birth, I was already nostalgic about the experience of being pregnant, and feeling so special and beautiful.  I didn't expect it would be such a struggle to remember how it felt when the baby was kicking, and more »"
Athena, Wayne, & Annabell Everett