Newest Edition Maternity Photography

Congratulations to the Henry family and welcome newborn Austyn Jaia Henry.

I had the pleaser of meeting Austyn when she was only a few days old, one of the perks of my job. There is always a fresh supply of newborns to snuggle.

I have to say witnessing the falling of the dried umbilical cord during the shoot is a first. Austyn was perfect during the shoot and Payton seams to be an excellent big brother.

I'm so proud of him laying still so we could put Austyn on his back… not saying Derek and Michelle weren't inches away ready to catch her (just incase). You know 3 year olds are not the most predictable, and I'm all about safety. But Payton stayed still and giggled with excitement.

I'm so happy to be part of your family story and look forward to more shoots, I already have some ideas for the next one…