Welcome Leo!

victoria family

I have this bad habit of falling in love with my clients. How could you not fall in love with this family?  They are so beautiful, inside and out, and have the most adorable children. Roya is a warm, inviting, talented artist, and was completely open to any suggestions I had for photographs. Roya and Omid invited me in to their beautiful Victoria heritage house to photograph their newborn boy, Leo, and little girl Leila.

Can you believe how fantastic Roya looks 6 days after giving birth?  And she was so adorable pregnant, the perfect little belly.

Leila has the best laugh, and already knows how to work the camera. Her new brother Leo was the perfect model, so laid-back and willing to do anything.

Thank you for letting me put your newborn in shelves, and bowls, and for being able to smile and laugh as he peed on you! You can not have a newborn photoshoot without a little pee.

I'm looking forward to the next photoshoot.